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Covering the Basics of Hormone Replacement Therapy

Hormone replacement therapy is the medical treatment that is typically being prescribed among healthcare professionals for people who are showcasing signs and symptoms of menopause. Aside from that, hormone replacement therapy is also being used among men to lessen the many signs and symptoms of aging among them. Even if hormone treatments have helped a lot of people better handle their health conditions, you can still expect some risks from some of them that must not be given a blind eye. For this reason alone, you already know how important it is that you speak first with your prescribing health care professional for you just to be sure that what hormone treatments you are getting are highly suitable for you. Among the various hormone treatments that you can use, the most common one is hormone replacement therapy, and this article will give you some of its basics.

So, what does hormone replacement therapy mean?

Most of the time, it is the women that get hormone replacement therapy prescription from a family doctor that is composed of medications to help them out. As mentioned above, the medication used in hormone replacement therapy is capable of reversing the effects of menopause on the women. Hormone replacement therapy is composed of female hormones such as progestin and estrogen that have been man-made to have the same effects as progesterone. Hormone replacement therapy can help in getting rid of the most common symptoms of menopause including some vaginal symptoms and hot flashes. Now, if you are a man and you are suffering from the ill effects of having low levels of testosterone in your body, then you can also benefit from getting this kind of hormone replacement therapy.

How hormone replacement therapy started

It was during the 1930s wherein hormone replacement therapy has been around to help women suffering from menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes to be given more estrogen in their body to counter the effects of menopause. Come the 1960s, and healthcare professionals found more ways and benefits of prescribing hormone replacement therapy to their patients. Ten years after, what you can notice will be doctors using hormone replacement therapy not just to take care of hot flushes but even some depression symptoms and other kinds of health conditions out there. The FDA first approved of using hormone replacement therapy to treat menopause. During the 1980s, the FDA then approved of using hormone replacement therapy to treat bone density loss. Today, since there have been alarming health problems being reported with the use of hormone replacement therapy, not a lot of people are using it already. Hence, you must first speak with your doctor and get them the right advice as to whether or not you should be taking some hormone replacement therapy yourself.

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