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Things You Need to Know about Salt Lamps

Imagine somebody telling you to use a salt lamp to clean up your place, your immediate reaction would be of a question mark about the mind of the person. It would be fair to give them the chance to explain and show you how they can clean your house with the aid of a salt lamp.

You might wonder what is this salt lamp, and with the many lamps that you have in the house, you do not need another foreign looking lamp anyway. Because this salt lamp is known for its ability to cleanse the surrounding air thus promoting health and wellness of the people residing in your house, you may just as well conclude that this may be the most necessary lamp that you can obtain in your home, not to mention the aesthetics it brings to your room.

To those who do not know yet, a salt lamp is a chunk of natural salt rock that is found at the foot of the Himalayan Mountains and is taken from the mines there. Just a piece of salt rock contains the minerals of the earth which can help to cleanse the air, especially these minerals have been in existence for millions of years in the salt mines where both salt supply and minerals are gathered.

A salt lamp comes into its design by shaping a chunk of salt and being mounted on a wooden base, then a hole is drilled on it so that a candle or light bulb will be accommodated into it. In order to give variety to people who would use it, a salt lamp is produced in various sizes and shapes. As you use this lamp, the heat that is produced by the candle or bulb will initiate the salt lamp to emit negative ions, of which these negative ions will help in the production of cleaner air.

There are many elements that compose the air, which include the pollutants like dust particles that happen to be positively charged ions. It is then the role of the salt lamp to neutralize these positive ions by releasing negative ions, of which once done, substances become heavy and fall out from the normal air circulation, thus pollution is eliminated.

As mentioned, not only will salt lamps blend in the natural look of your environment, but will also facilitate the health and wellness of the individuals living in your home because of the clean air, plus it aids in keeping other ailments on the side line such as allergies and others. Health practitioners such as yoga therapists and fitness instructors would say that if they have salt lamps in their studios, there is a relaxed and calming atmosphere in their areas, thus both instructors and customers are encouraged to perform their activities in a serene manner.

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