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Some Considerations in Deciding Which Window Blind to Use

In deciding which kind of blinds to use, you have to consider many factors. One thing is to take into consideration how well the blinds will complement your present furnishings and how they will complement to the construction materials of your house or office. It is advisable to have a consistent design style not only for your bedrooms and other areas but also how the style is being viewed from the outside of your property.

Just like in any industry, the window covering industry has some terminology that we need to be familiar with, and in the case of window blinds, there are three types of popular categories and these are the venetian, roller and roman blinds.

For the venetian blinds, there are three various materials being used and these are aluminum known as mini blinds, wood, and eco wood also known as faux wood or PVC blinds.

The aluminum venetian blinds are usually used in kitchens, bathrooms and in buildings or offices. This type of venetian blinds are usually sold with 25 mm slats, and because of the flexible nature of this kind of material, thus is termed as the mini blinds. Considered as a very cost effective way to cover a window, the aluminum venetian blinds have the common white and silver colors, aside from the different colors that could match your home and office.

The very stylish way to cover your window and dress up the interiors of your office or home is the wooden venetian blinds. This type is mostly sold with 50 mm slats, and because of its very lightweight wood, they are perfect to use on large windows. There is only one area where you are to avoid using this kind of blinds and this is like the bathrooms where moisture is present in the air.

The becoming very popular choice nowadays are the eco wood venetian blinds because of their durability and easy to clean PVC material, plus they do not warp or discolor after long use.

The window coverings that be opened by opening the shades on a cylinder are the roller blinds and they are made from 100% polyester material. Roller blinds usually come in two kinds which are the sunscreen and block out types. For many years the popularity of the roller blinds have grown because they are very inexpensive.

The roman blinds are another kind of window coverings that give a softer feel in your home with a kind of blind that can very well match your furnishings, and the operation is by using roller sections of the blind that are stacked up. There are different kinds of fabrics that are used in roman blinds like polyester, linen or cotton. When cleaning, this type can be easily removed, plus it comes in various patterns and designs.

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